Music Production Services

Most successful recording artists rely heavily on a seasoned record producer to bring their creations to life in the recording studio. The producer is an integral part of The Creative Process to make sure the artist realizes his or her sound.

Mr. Moore also works with Grammy nominated music producers that can help bring your compositions to life in the studio. We discuss with you all the facets of what you’re trying to accomplish with your music and proceed to make a plan to complete the task. We have worked with new and multi-platinum selling recording artists and songwriters, so we know all the tricks and secrets that the best music producers use.

Mr. Moore and his team of music producers can help in all the areas of recording the song. From choosing the songs through the complete recording process, and even to sequencing an albums worth of material, Mr. Moore is here to insure a polished finished product. He also takes what he thinks the artist is trying to put forward and bring that to life. He is the conductor of an orchestra of players that would include the artist, musicians, engineers, arrangers, vocalists, editors and even the studio atmosphere. He has recorded and produced Grammy winning artists like Mya that prefer certain candles and food during lengthy periods of recording.

He also administers who is in the studio control room and who is allowed to be present during the recording process of the artist. Mr. Moore has a vast musical knowledge as a recording engineer and the know how while wearing many hats to accommodate the various personalities of artists and musicians.