Songwriting Services

If you find yoursenf in need of a songwriter, you are in a right place. Songwriting services include providing aspiring recording artists, music supervisors, established recording artists with songs in any style and genre. Mr. Moore can either provide you with chords and lyrics, or a finished recorded song. A consultation will be required to outline all the parameters of what you would like the song to sound like and say.

From Latin Grammy-nominations to Certified Platinum credentials, Mr. Moore is well versed in writing in all genres and styles to achieve your desired song. He has written many songs for new and established artists, and  confident that he can write any song for you. His songs have appeared in major commercials and film like “JC Penny”, “Men, Money & Golddiggers”, along with TV shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” to name a few.

A song is a conversation or a poem set to music. It can be written by one or more people. Songwriters present a subject for the listener to hear that will evoke a reaction.

That reaction can take many forms of course. Songs can make us cry, dance, smile, and basically touch all of our emotions in some way. Songs can inspire and excite us to do things that we would not normally do. Songs can get us through a workout or through a breakup and encourage us to follow a dream or goal. The song in itself is more than just words and music. It’s many things to many people at many different times in our life. It reminds us of where we are in any given time and could be considered a history lesson on it’s own. The power of the song is limitless.

Mr. Moore offers complete songwriting services. He can write and compose an original song just for you. Any style, genre, or subject… Check out The Creative Process to see Mr. Moore live in songwriting mode.

If you are interested in Mr. Moore writing a song, commercial jingle or even a poem for you, your artist or company then send him a direct email to